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    where is the helpless newbie forum??

    I made the crucial, desperate mistake of moving from a shared reseller situation to a virtual dedicated server...

    it was panic, my old server shut down all my client sites because apparently one got hacked... due to inattention on my part it would seem... so in order to get everyone back up i foolishly opened an account for a virtual dedicated server... and in the week since i did that (after spending 6 solid days moving and restoring all the affected sites) i am now discovering i'm in WAY OVER MY HEAD.

    Today everything went offline and the less than helpful advice i got from tech support was
    "According to the error log for your Apache installation (viewable at /var/log/httpd/error_log), you have been hitting the Max_Clients connection. This could cause sites on your server to not be served. You will need to tweak your Apache configuration to handle the traffic load that your sites are generating. Information on doing this can be found at the many online support forums for Apache that exist on the internet.

    i am lost...
    i have also informed all my clients that i'm getting out of this business because i have "no business" being in it at this level.

    So... my question is...
    how the heck do i "tweak my apache configuration to handle the traffic load"?????

    any help would be most appreciated - in as dumbed-down terms as you can manage. I'd offer to pay, but this latest disaster has left me with loads of refunds and almost 2 weeks of no income now... not to mention shreds of sanity and self-esteem.

    anyway... advice would be gratefully accepted.

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    SSH into the box, log in as root, and go to /etc/httpd/conf (most likley the directory). Then open up httpd.conf with a text editor such as pico. Find the maxclients line and change the number there to a higher one. Let us know what it was set at as well.
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    I'll help ya for free.

    Toss me up a PM with your contacts.

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