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    Picking the right hosting plan?

    Thanks in advance for the tolerance of lame questions...

    I'm going to start a forum using vBulletin software, but I have no idea what kind of hosting needs I'll have. I'm going to assume at the very maximum, at some point there may be a few thousand members. That's the max, so it'll probably be more like a few hundred.

    The www corvetteforum com is near what I have in mind. I'd link it but I don't have enough posts.

    That site obviously is so large that it runs several of it's own servers. For a super scaled down version, what kind of space should I get?

    P.S, where can I ask more retarded questions on how to use vBulletin and create a site.


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    Forums take a long time to build.
    You should start out small.

    If you are allowing photo uploads then probably 500mb-1500mb to start. 1-5gb of transfer to start.
    Make sure you choose a host that will allow you to expand easily as your site grows.

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    Vbulletin doesn't take much space at all and since your just starting out the bandwidth will probably be somewhat limited.

    Find a host that has multiple packages and the option to upgrade from one to the other easily and start with the smallest package they offer. Then your not spending more money then you have too when your first starting out.

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    Start with a small plan if you are tight on budget. You can easily upgrade when your traffic increases. Most host can upgrade your plan on-the-fly.

    If you r not cash-bounded, then something like 400mb/4gig. Of course you'll need more if you plan on letting your members upload huge attachments.

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    Don't worry dbkGT, I know it can be confusing at first, give it time.

    You should definitely start out on a small shared hosting package, while your forum grows, you can upgrade your package to accommodate your growth.

    Good luck!

    - Tomer
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