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    Can you have 2 ebay accounts?

    Anyone know? It would be the same back account and shipping address. And use the same paypal account if that's possible?

    My wife wants her own account.

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    I am sure you can. Make sure there is different name on the both account. If ebay suspend both account, e-mail them and explain to them that one belong to you and one belong to your wife.
    Why use a bank account? Why not a credit card?

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    Yes, you can use a bank account on one and credit card on the other.. They shouldn't mind having the same billing addresses.. If they do, tell your wife to use her parents address
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    Well we use the same bank account and credit card. They are both in our names.

    She wants to make dolls and sell them on ebay and buy a few of course.

    Ebay might think i'm up to no good. I don't know what to do about paypal since they go by e-mail.

    Any suggestons?

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    Here is what to do about paypal, add a second e-mail (your wife's) to it. The e-mail address used to start the paypal account can be the primary e-mail address. One of the secondary e-mail addresses could be your wife. And have your wife put that secondary e-mail address into her paypal account.

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    Why not just share an account? It'll make your # of transactions higher - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    As far as I know, yes you can have two accounts. Though you can't use your another account to bid on your own listing, nor any valid accounts that have the same address, even different person.

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    Instead of asking the questions on here, you should talk to someone on eBay about it, or read their TOS. They've got a live chat thing that you can use to ask them. As far as I know, though, there is only 1 person per account. If it's a bank joint account, you could get your wife her own CC # and a PO Box. That might help.

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