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    Registerfly VPS

    I think this has been said before, but stay away from Registerfly VPS.

    My company had been hosting with them for the past 3 months with below average speed and performance. Every time we needed any technical support it took 2 days because they never understood our problem after the first ticket, and response time as it says on their website is 24 hours or less.

    Then in the last week of June our sites went down. My monitoring which checks the hosting every 5 minutes from 2 locations elsewhere in the country started going nuts paging me. I wrote their support and after 3 hours got no reply so I called their phone support. The rude woman on the phone insisted that I had to wait the full 24 hours before calling them.

    24 hours for HOSTING SUPPORT! We're talking about a world where 99% uptime is the goal! The woman was relentless in her insistance that I had not waited long enough, and proceeded to yell over top of my voice as I tried to explain the situation.

    Coincidentally, I had also set up my own personal VPS account there (the $19.95 one) the night before, assuming that their problems were only temporary and their prices were too good to pass up. It claimed that the account would be set in 12-24 hours.

    It is now the 10th and I have already called 3 times about getting it up and each time they tell me it will be up within hours and that they are just trying to get a server set up.

    Finally today I called to get a refund, and again a rude woman proceeded to talk over me explaining that in order to get a refund I have to write in a trouble ticket and write their vps email address. It's amazing to me, why should I have to do both of those things when I already have her on the phone!?

    I like their registrar service, and have never had problems with it, but for hosting this company is the worst I have ever dealt with.

    So... can anybody recommend me an inexpensive (under $30) VPS plan that has a decent control panel? I just want to host a few of my own personal domains..

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    The trouble with specifying a control panel is that all the good ones cost the hosting company concerned a license fee which is going to make your $30 price point difficult to achieve.
    Direct Admin is typically at least $10 a month
    cPanel is typically at least $25 a month
    and so on.... and do VPS plans that fit your budget but these just come with Webmin which is not a control panel you can give to end users. It maybe enough for your purposes though.
    Check it out at do plans starting at $35 which include cPanel or Direct Admin but they look pretty sold out at the moment!

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    Thanks for the advice slowdive! To be honest. for my own "$19.95" needs I shouldn't really be looking for VPS because it's just for me. I got really comfortable setting up domains in Plesk so that's what I looked for. I'm not planning to split up or resell any of the hosting.

    I've been looking at getting set up at hostinglite.

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    The Plesk reseller pkg at Powervps is 19.99. I have their Cpanel-2 VPS and I am in love with their support team. Simply wonderful!

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