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    Can you build your own 1u server?

    Just wondering if you can build your own 1u server, as they seem abit on the expensive side to buy.

    If so, where can I buy a empty case?


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    Yes you can build your own 1u server, I just built mine a cupple weeks agao. Here is the link . I bought most of my parts from newegg.

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    funilly enough, I've just replied to that thread

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    I'm in the process of building my first rackmount, I've built many towers before. I'm buying most of the expensive parts off ebay, I screen the feedback carefully and I make sure that the items have the 1,000 dollar paypal buyer's guarantee.

    Here's the speed bumps I've hit so far:

    case had atx power supply, Tyan server motherboard requires EPS12V. Never heard of it before, but they're a bit pricey in comparison to desktops ps's.

    a passive cooling heatsink requires good fans, finding the best 40mm case fans (over 20 cfm) was tough. I read many comments about these 1u's running HOT. Excellent cooling is mandatory.

    the backplane adapter didn't match, I read several comments by people with building experience to not worry about it/don't use it.

    The power supply needs to be large wattage to handle the fans and harddrives.

    the mobo needs to have the memory slots lined up so that they don't form an air dam in the case

    The mobo may have gigabit ethernet sockets, but don't expect the datacenter to hook the server up to a gigabit connection: VERY EXPENSIVE.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head. My project is a dual Opteron 246 on a Tyan K8S Pro, 4 gigs PC3200, and UltraSCSI 320. Not sure if I'll do scsi raid or not, I'm concerned about the heat from a 15k rpm hard drive, let alone 2 or 3 of them.

    Good luck, and post your experiences!
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    Its good to do a little research, but the best way to learn seems to be trial & error (hopefully less of the error!)

    As for a case, I recommend Good people, great cases, good cooling, etc. (I am in no way affiliated, blah blah blah...I've just used a couple)

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    I would use heatsinks with fans these work wonders in the Opteron we got built a couple weeks ago.

    Dynatron AMD K8 1U Blower

    CPU Application: AMD K8 Opteron Athlon 64 FX socket 940 1U Server for Processor Model 240, 242, 244 & 246

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    I read several posts that indicated the passive heatsinks did a better job... more copper to dissipate heat... not trying to argue, because I don't have the foggiest. Just relaying what I read. If I have ANY problems, I'll go with the active heatsinks, and you're right, Deep: Dynatron is the way to go with Opteron 1u heatsinks. Tyan used them for their testing according to what I read.

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    To be honest, If I build one I wouldnt be putting it in a datacentre, well, not just yet anyway. I'd be just throughing money away as I've only just gotten myself a reseller account from resellerzoom.

    I'd probably use it in the house for a while, it'll give me a good indication of how it performs and it'll save space. I have a Athlon XP 1600 with 512 ddr in a normal tower case at the moment, and I only use it if I'm building a website for a customer, because I can put there website on the server in my house while I'm developing it. The case takes up space, and if I had a 1u server, I'd be able to fix it to the side of my desk and get a monitor switch, so I can get rid of the second monitor I have too.

    Thanks for all the help guys

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