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    Getting your name out

    Hey, all.

    My wife runs a little Graphic Design firm (she's the only employee), and she does very good web design and print design work. She's had a few word of mouth jobs come her way, but once those run out, things look dry.

    She doesn't charge much, provides quality work and is very passionatte about being perfect for her clients. My question is just this: How do we get our name out? We thought about the yellow pages, but we're not sure that's the way to go. Affordability (free?) is the key.

    I just want her to be able to market herself without going bankrupt. Any thoughts would be appreciated. You can check out her site at


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    The best advice I could give is have her purchase a kit called 'The Web Design Business Kit'.

    Have her read the free sample chapters from that Website first. It really is the best investment she could make.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    She should send out emails to the larger design firms and let them know she is available for any extra work they may have.

    This has worked great for myself.

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    The graphic and design advertising section on here might help. As well as going to, Searching for design forums might be a cheap way of doing it.

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