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    need some help about preferences of usa, canada, uk and australian citizens..

    hi there,
    i currently operate a teen magazine. i would like to be more target audience specific when it comes to releasing articles, like the nature and subject of these articles. but the trouble is i do not come from the above countries and thus i would like some help in what normally goes into a teen magazine in these countries?

    also are there any forums in these countries that you know of that are pretty popular so i can ask for an opinion there?

    if you guys have any idea feel free to tell me here please? thanks a lot people!
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    I remember reading an article about a survey of young people from various countries. The interests of the young people were similar except that Aussie young people were more into sports than young people from other countries. That's all I remember.

    Beyond that, this link looks like it leads to useful sites.

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    Well, my sister doesn't read teen magazines, but I know they throw a lot of girly stuff in there, for example lipstick, make up, what the celebrities are wearing (Stuff most males just don't care about, at all).

    I guess it depends what your audience is, low teens, 13 - 14? Mid teens 15 - 16? Or high teens 17 - 19.

    Edit: For reference, I'm from England, UK.
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    I'm from Canada and if you put beer in any shape or form in the magazine you will get a good readership. Beer ads, beer scratch and sniff (like the purfume ads), beer coupons etc etc...

    As long as your audience is over 19 they are legal. :p

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