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    backups in cpanel, quick question

    I've got a VPS that is backed up daily (complete system backup) but I'd like to setup cpanel backups as well (so that if a user needs a single file for whatever reason, i can quickly get it).

    I setup cpanel backups, but my problem is I really only want to have one backup of each site, and not a new nightly backup.

    What's the easiest way to set this up so that I just have a nightly backup of a site, and perhaps maybe a monthly as well? I know you can setup daily/weekly/monthly - but it seems like the daily doesn't overwrite itself.



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    i don't know if i'm allowed to bump, but i figure i will just becuase I'd really like to know the answer

    Sorry if it's agains the rules.

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    I am not sure what you mean by daily does not overwrite itself.
    Setting up daily/weekly/monthy backup through your WHM is sufficient and the daily backup will run everyday and overwrites the previous days backup files.You can just cd to the backup folder named "daily" (usually /backup/cpbackup/daily; but it depends upon your configuration) in your server and do a "ls -l" and you can see the last change date.

    But if your server has load issues, there is a chance that the daily backup doesnot run completely.

    Do you still have questions??

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    oh so daily DOES overwrite itself? I was under the impression it would just keep creating a new backup for every day.



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    What I meant by overwriting is if the Daily backup creates an account.tar.gz file when it runs on the first day. The next day, it creates a fresh account.tar.gz of the same account and overwrites previous day's backup file.

    If this does not answer your question, then I have not understood your question yet!!

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    that answers my question, thanks!

    I was concerned that it was creating something like... july012005.tar.gz july022005.tar.gz july032005.tar.gz etc etc..

    but it's not, so my worries are gone ;p

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