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    Need a Host, Details Included

    I am seeking a webhost with the following specifications:

    150MB Webspace
    CGI Support
    Under $10/Month, preferrably near $5/Month
    1 Domain (.net) included

    As for Bandwidth or Monthly transfer, I do not know how much is enough. The website itself is 1MB, our forums are 2MB, and we may host up to 130MB of downloadable 10MB files at maximum. Would 5-10GB Bandwidth be sufficient for these needs?

    Also, where might I find a webhost capable of filling my needs? I am currently viewing 1AND1 (.com) and BlueHost (.com) as possible webhosts.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You should easily be able to find a package that suits your needs. Just make sure you do a search on this forum to make sure your new host does not have many problems.

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    I use HostNexus, and their nex-Starter plan seems like what you need. They're realiable, have more space than you need, and 5GB of bandwidth which should be fine. (However, they don't offer a free domain on small plans, and downloadable content can eat bandwidth. If you plan on having a lot downloaded, look into a host which offers lots of bandwidth. If 100MB is downloaded 50 times, you've just used your entire bandwidth allotment!)

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    Take a look around the forums, there are many hosting companies that can you exactly what you need. Try looking into the hosting offers section or speaking with one of the hosts directly.
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    There are a lot of hosts that could suit your needs.
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    Your requirements are very realistic for the price you're willing to pay.
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    There are many. ***********, who hosts my site, gives a fair amount of data with decent space. And they are reliable.

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    Yes, this sounds very reasonable. There are many hosts out there that could meet your requirements. Personally, I can recommend some I happen to be familiar with; both from my customer satisfaction research and from my personal experience:
    DreamHost; Micfo; and Site5.
    I also know Lunarpages have an excellent customer satisfaction record.
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    Have you tried looking in the shared and reseller offers section? You will find plenty of hosts offering what you need.

    Best of luck with your search

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    You should consider buying the domain name seperately, problems can arise from doing that together with a host especially if you need to transfer in the future. Domain names now cost as little as $10.

    You should definitely be able to find a host for under $10 a month with those specs.

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    You can always use namecheap for domains, $8.88/yearly cost.

  12. #12 is cheap, but you get what you pay for. They also oversell by far but from what you say it sounds like it would work!

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    I would also suggest you purchase your domain separately from the webhost - So you won't get screwed over later if you want to leave.

    As many have told you, the price your willing to pay are very reasonable, and you should have no problem finding a host within your requirements/prices range.

    Good luck!

    - Tomer
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    I don't know if someone has said it or not yet, but Host Quote
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