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    One of the last of my 3 charecter .infos, ive made into another image site.

    Full script installed, new unique design. Free Hosting For 4 Months, domain at domainsite.

    Taking offers, asking price $35 cant really go much lower.

    - Dan

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    Would you be able to do the following:

    Change some fonts and make the page which shows the URL show the image and have a clickable & maybe a box to copy and paste the link from?
    Web Handyman - Website and Internet Marketing Service

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    not sure about the box with the text in, but for an extra $5 ill add the others.

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    I could create these for you.

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    Ive already figured out how to reate theese, anyone interested, i need a sale? tonight preferably.

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    Need a sale!

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    Bump! i need a sale!

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    I'll give you $20 for it

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    Price i at $20!!

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    Price is at $20 need a buyer quick! comes with hosting!

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