We have recently moved to a new server and we have added extra resources to all of our plans - and additionally introduced a Reseller plan.

If you shop on price alone, we probably don't have anything to offer you, but if you are seeking a quality hosting account with realistic resources you should find what you are looking for right here.

Please note - these prices are not currently advertised on our website - the site will be updated in the next few days.

75Meg Disk and 1Gig Data/Mth
$3.50/mth or $9.50/3mths or $32/ year

250Meg Disk and 5Gig Data/Mth
$6.50/mth or $18/3mths or $60/ year

750Meg Disk and 15Gig Data/mth
$9/mth or $25/3mths or $90/ year

1.5Gig disk and 30Gig Data/mth
$15/mth or $43/3mths or $165/ year

2Gig Disk and 40Gig Data/mth
$17.95/mth or $52.85/3mths

Own IP address - available with E-commerce or reseller account Only $1 per address/mth

Extra Disk Space:
$3/mth to double your disk space for Starter, Personal and Business accounts.
$5/mth to double your disk space for E-Commerce and Reseller Accounts

Extra Data:
$1 per Gig or part thereof

As an Introductory Special on Reseller Accounts until the 14th July only the Price will be $16.50/mth or $46/3mths frozen for the life of the account.

To take Up this offer, please complete our Application form at http://www.rrwh.com/order.php and under Referrer put the Code WHTRS

All Accounts have CPanel 10 and Fantastico