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    US Company for non US residents

    I was searching on google and came across quite a few companies that allow a non-US resident to get an EIN and open a company in the US with a bank account. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with scuh stuff? I found companies based in Delaware and Washington that do this for anywhere bewteen $600 ro $1000 but I would certainly prefer to hear from someone with experience in this.


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    You don't actually need a US company for you to get an EIN

    Go to the IRS site, fill in the form and you will get your EIN in your mail even if you are an international customer, IRS will ship your EIN abroad.

    I can imagine that are companies that may provide this for a fee but do it alone and you will save money I guess , it's just filling a form and send it.

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    Yes you can find lots of online agencies, form a US company for you.
    are the quiet known ones. They also provide virtual mailing address, mail forwarding etc.
    But for the bank account, it is nearly impossible to get a business or merchant account online. You need to go to the US personally and open an account, but still it costs lots of money. (gotta have at least few thousand dollars reserve in your account, as far as I know)
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