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    load server notification

    Hello every one

    I have account with clickatell ( that is sms gateway )

    so i need system to send me sms when load over (1 or 2 )

    via clickatell

    so I need server send e-mail when load reach to 2

    How I can do that ???

    when server send to an e-mail I will get sms in my mobile

    can you help me please

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    Write perl (php etc.) script to send em and put it into cronjob.

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    Two caveats:

    1. Run it often. It's pointless to run it every 15 minutes as your system may very well spin out of control and crash in three. Run the thing once every three minutes, or once every minute. It's not going to hurt your system if you're just running cat on some proc file. There are packages that will monitor this as part of a suite available.

    2. Keep a flag! One you alert yourself, stop alerting yourself until you manually clear that flag. Otherwise, you'll get hit with a page every {0...n} minutes. I.e....

    ...check load...
    if ! [ -f "/root/page.sent" ] ; then
    touch /root/page.sent;
    echo "load too high!" | mail -s "Load Alert" [email protected]"

    But check the return value of sendmail and all that... don't set the flag unless it returns okay and so on...

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