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    Servint - Great Job!

    I would like to thank the Servint staff for being so good to me. They've been a real help from day 1.

    Servint's NOC staff has taken time to install ClientExec & Cerberus Helpdesk for me for free!! They are a really helpful lot. Their network, uptime, speed, support everything is the best in the industry!

    There have ben recent threads here which say that Servint has been going down the line. Being a 2 month client, they made me uncomfortable too. But, I tried to check this up for myself. I've been keeping a close watch on their response time, network, uptime, helpfulness, quality of service etc. and I'm once more tension free on seeing the results.

    They still have the same 100% uptime, light-like fast speeds, great network, responsible, helpful & willing-to-work staff & they still rock! They've improved by adding new services to their packages & they're continuing to make their packages better.

    I'd like to give them a thumbs up & say that they are superb! Better than most of them of their, willing to go out of their ways to help their clients! Thanks guys for making it worthwhile.
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    Hello WHT,

    "Sometimes a person can learn a great deal more by keeping his ears open and his mouth shut"...My Grandfather. Though I rarely post to forums that I may be a member of, I do read or review just about every post that is related to my circumstance.

    That said, I write the following:

    I would like to take the time to say thank you to the folks at Servint.

    From the accounting dept. to the staff in the NOC my experience has been excellent. I have never been with a provider who goes the extra mile to help with a problem or correct one of my mistakes.

    Believe me, I have had more down time from my screw up's than any other Servint related problem, that's either in or outside of their control. Others may not have the same experience as myself but I have never waited more than 10 minutes for a reply to an email and I have never been left hanging on the phone.

    I personally have no expectations that my VPS provider (Servint)will not experience some technical difficulties from time to time. What is important is the response and the solution. I am sure that there may be other providers that can supply the same level of professionalism and service, I'm just not interested in looking.

    Thanks again to everyone at Sevint. The first provider that has ever given me a good night's sleep.

    Tony Reynolds

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