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    Dedicated ServerS

    What is best for me if i want to host ircds/bncs/vhosts/websites can someone recommend me a good provider withgood prices from 100-200$ max

  2. #2 is a real good company for irc servers.

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    thanks Deepbluehosting =) got any more good ones?

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    gigeservers is kinda expensive with adding cpanel + ips and stuff

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    you can try also.

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    now thats even much better!!! but the bad part is it has no cpanel

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    wait nm this is amazing!!

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    ok this site is amazing deepbluehosting but the ips are so expensive they dont even give you any to start up with it really sucks do you have any more sites? please I appreciate everything really, i need a server

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    good luck in finding one but those are the 2 best ones for irc servers IMHO because they run great DDOS protection.

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