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    help building a machine

    I am trying to configure a server on newegg, so I can see how much it will cost to switch over to co-locating from dedicated. I prefer using the opteron processor, so I am looking for a server mobo that supports it. I have heard TYAN is a good brand but dont know what features I would need on the mobo.

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    Game fiber for one thing your not going to have to many choices on cases at newegg. The next issue is Warrenty. Some items newegg makes you goto manufactor to get warrenty work which could take you weeks if not a month to replace a part. But I be glad to help are you looking at dual or single Opteron?

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    Well, newegg is really the only place I usually buy comp parts from, could you suggest a better solution?

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    also, the servers will be used for gaming, so dual is preferred

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    I pm'd you the price we just paid and the parts list it should give you a general idea on cost of a server.

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    I saw, but im trying to find websites i can buy from, and like specific features that a server needs

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    I just got done building a machine with the majority of parts (cept case and ps) from newegg. I ended up getting the Tyan s2882-D from because newegg was out, case from (25.5" long version) I believe the machine came in at around $1250 for everything and I am now colocating at steadfastnetworks in chicago. it works out well so far

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