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  1. - Free web hosting + complete network for sale!

    I am not going to be able to put everything that is included with this business so I have created an external page that has all the information about this sale.


    This Network includes all domains/websites along with billing licenses, plus a few extras, such as a account, etc.

    There are about 7 Domains in this auction that are PR3, so feel free to take a look at the URL listed below.

    I have a set price that I am looking to get for this but I will consider all offers.

    This is not an auction, take a look at my external page and make an offer.

    If you have any questions please feel free to pm me on here or contact me on AIM which is 'zeviasupport'.

    I will post highest offer in this forum.

    Thank you.

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    Would you consider selling the free hosting site on its own?

  3. Make me an offer and I will consider it.

    I would really like to include it all in one package because I have to many other projects going on right now.

    I am averaging about 50 new signups a day, 500 - 700 unique visitors, and you can see that the alexa rating is going up every single day. Im guessing it will be in the top 100,000 within a week or so.

    But yes, if the offer is right. You can either pm me or post the offer here.

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    the WHMAP license does not retail for 179$ it retails for 149$
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    & Alexa isnt really important - too easy to fake/influence.

    G'luck with your sale though... nice little package you got there =)
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  6. Grove, you're correct. I put $179 thinking I was posting modernbill info and forgot to change it.

    Yeah, alexa ranking can be faked, but mine is not.

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    is there any paying clients?

  8. This is all free hosting clients, adsense brings in an average of $10 - $25 per day.

    I am wanting to sell my whole network of sites.

    As of the other sites there are no paying clients. The site was setup and thats about as far as I got.

    Someone make me a decent offer and I will probably not refuse it.

    I really need to get rid of this so I can get working on my other projects.

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    are you able to put google ads on member pages?
    do you have a bin for the free hosting site?

  10. Yes, the ads are auto put into the site via XPanel.

    I don't have a bin set, I am whilling to take the best offer.

    I have received alot of pm's from people interested but no offers yet.

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    how about a bid of $100 to start you off?
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  12. $100 is fine. I have a set price in mind that I would like to get out of this, so I am not really setting this as a no reserve type auction.

    If it doesnt reach what im looking to get out of it, I will not sell it.

    $100 will work to start out.

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    your site can yields 403 error
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    I will buy one or two PR3 site, do you sell them seperatly.?

  15. Yes I will split them up, please make me an offer.

    Thank you.

    As for the site being 403, we're having some problems with apache and everything will be back up shortly.

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