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    Hey.. I am thinking setup a server for monitor those email in/out to my staff.. Do yours have any idea on how-to? Using the procmail? Thz

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    My suggestion would be to use "milter" to scan/copy each message to an archive folder, or simply send it to an archival mailbox. Doing that, you could capture all inbound and outbound mail, and even compress/database it if you wish.


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    Totally none of my business but I guess thats the point. Why do you want to copy all of your staff emails? Honestly, no offense meant but don't you have better things to do with your time or are you worried about something specific?
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    If you have a proper support desk it will keep a copy of all tickets. Other than the support tickets there really is no need to monitor staff e-mail unless you smell something fishy.
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    You could look at dsniff it has a package called mailsnarf that will copy emails. It is a linux package
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