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    I was a customer of I have no complaints with their service, except for lack of features. Has anyone else used them, if so, what is your opinion?
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    I've not used FatCow myself, though I did consider going to them earlier this year. If you've not seen these already, here
    are some past reviews.

    Care to say more about "lack of features?"
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    After reading several of the threads which talk about I decided to post here because this is the most recent.

    I've been using them for more than three years. I've got about a dozen sites hosted with them and I've recommended them to a lot of people. Some of the complaints posted here about their terms are no longer relevant. MySQL is now included at no extra charge and monthly billing is optional, for example.

    I'm posting because I've got one complaint and it's coming up more often lately so I'm considering looking for a new host company. Right now, my email service for two of my domains is unavailable (I haven't yet checked my other sites). My email service has been down for more than 12 hours. As someone who spends 8-10 hours a day working on my computer, this is completely unacceptable to me. This is something like the third or fourth time this has happened in the last six months. Email service was once down for more than 2 days! That's simply outrageous. I'd rather have to deal with an hour or two of outage every week than this. Prolonged periods of email interruption are a major problem. Their tech support is usually decent but lately it's been getting lax and unhelpful. The most I usually get is a brief note saying "sorry about that".

    If it weren't for this one problem I would be very happy with their service. I am now starting to look for another host company. I'm not sure I'm going to switch but I want to start looking in case this happens again. Once more and I'm through with them.
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