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    30+ plus hosting company for sale

    I'm looking at selling the hosting side of my company, I have 30+ clients and a few with multiple sites (additional accounts). We have been doing hosting since 2001 on our own dedicated windows servers, and are looking to go a different direction. User do not need windows host, so linux hosting companies can inquire.

    I don't want to go into too much detail here, but I'm looking for offers in the mid-high $xxx

    If you have sincere interest please PM me with questions, and make sure you leave an email address, or phone number, and I will email you or contact you via phone.

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    how much clients paying for what? i can pay 100$?

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    I'm interested. Send me a PM with more information and a price.


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    Please PM my account for more information, or email me at msanders (at)

    I will be including my hosting domain name, template and all scripts I used (except I don't know if the whois.cart license can be transferred)

    Please also be specific in your questions, I am unable to answer exact financial questions at the moment, but will be compiling my reports tommorow. and I can better fully answer detailed financial info then.

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    whats the monthly revenue?

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    Start a bid?

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    Please send me a PM. How much are the clients bringing in monthly? How many of them are paid monthly, yearly and when are the next payments due? What control panel do the present customers use?


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    Thanks for replying everyone, but please please please, PM me or email me with questions. But to answer those who are curious,
    Most of the clients don't use any control panel, so cpanel or any other panel should be great. We had been using zpanel, but most customers were comfortable without any panel. All our clients were using Windows Hosting, but linux hosting is fine, as most of the sites are mysql php, or static. As I said before I am looking at no less than mid to high $xxx range. PM or email me for more info.

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    I have some financial data now, and plan breakdown. And I have sent it to those who have PM'd me.

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    current bid is $600

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    Can you please PM with addtional details.

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    Current Bid is $675

    Here are some important information regarding these accounts.

    The majority of these accounts are invoiced monthly, and the client pays by check or money order, not credit card, nor paypal.

    This will be important to consider.

    Also 2 clients use ASP and Access Database's and these would also could be an issue on a linux only host.

    I also prefer a US based host with a 1800 contact number, but a non us host with 24 x7 support would also be good.

    PLease please PM me and request financial info, as it is more organized and easier to track, than sending PM's to people who request via the forum.

    Annual Income on this company is $4,455.00

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    Can you please PM with an email (I don't have PM rights)?

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    I can't pm you either, but you can contact me by emailing my address that I listed earlier in this post.

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    I've sent you a PM
    ||| Red Line Services for all your Windows and Linux Hosting needs and custom design services!
    ||| Plesk/CPanel, ASP, ASP.NET 1/2, PHP4/5, MS SQL 2005, MySQL, AwStats.
    ||| Fully bilingual French/English service!

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    Thanks everyone for your bids and inquires, but we have already closed a deal with a host. Thanks again.

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