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    how can i know the spammer


    today my server load was about 60%

    I cheack Manage Mail Queue

    it was about 25000 emails

    how can i know which site ( account ) sent all theis emails

    and how can i delet 25000 email by shell

    because WHM is very slow to do that


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    You need to enable extended exim logging.
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    You can remove everything in the exim queue with the command:

    /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr2 killeximq

    You might check into mailmon ( This script gives you more information and actually will allow you to limit the emails that are sent by sendmail.

    Good luck.

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    How can i prevent my server to recieve such emails

    it about 100000 email

    load 80%

    any suggestions ?

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    * I have taken this post from This post is originally posted by the GREAT JONATHAN (chirpy)
    * if you have a cpanel id please have a look at this thread

    ==========================================================A few important considerations if you haven't already done so:

    1. Make sure all the /etc/valiases/ are using :fail: and not :blackhole:

    2. Where possible, make sure that all the valiases domains have the catchall disabled and set to :fail:

    3. Install a dictionary attack ACL:

    4. Make sure that you have not set split_spool_directory to no (i.e. use the default yes)

    5. Make sure you're running exim v4.50:

    exim -bV

    If it's not:


    6. Make sure that you don't have the queue processing running too frequently, i.e. leave WHM > Tweak Settings > Number of minutes between mail server queue runs > 60

    7. Make sure that you have both of the following selected in WHM > Exim Configuration Editor>

    Verify the existance of email senders
    Discard emails for users who have exceeded their quota

    8. In conjuction with sender verification, make sure that you're running bind on your server locally and that it is working and that your servers main IP address appears as the top nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf

    9. Limit the length of time that you keep bounce emails in the queue by adding the following into the first texarea of the advanced exim editor:

    timeout_frozen_after = 2d
    ignore_bounce_errors_after = 12h

    All the above can often make a huge difference to the exim load.
    I thope it will help you to solve this problem

    Let me know the status
    With regards,

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    Originally posted by MrAdmin
    How can i prevent my server to recieve such emails

    it about 100000 email

    load 80%

    any suggestions ?
    bijo gave you some great links. Check them out, they will help.

    If the emails are coming from inside your server, then check out mailmon (
    You can also check or for another thread dealing with this subject.

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    thats gud info! will keep note

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