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    * [REQUEST] PHP/MySQL brochure script

    Hello, I need someone to create a script which creates a brochure using a database of products.

    Would need:
    - To be printable on A4 (brochure layout)
    - Add/Edit/Delete products from database
    - MySQL database
    - Option to include Image of product
    - Categorical sorting of products and alphabetical sorting within sections

    Security would not be needed as I will protect the file using .htaccess

    If someone could create this using Microsoft Access so that I can run the application on my computer without the use of the internet then it would be even better!! (Was my original idea but no-one wanted to do this ).

    The aim is for a dynamic brochure where products can be edited easily and printed off professionally into a suitable layout on A4 paper.

    Looking to spend no more than £50, payment by paypal.

    PM offers, thanks.
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    .NET sounds like your best option matey if youre wanting it iNet and Desktop compatible.

    A good place for coders is
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    I meant the program Microsoft access, not the database, I do not require ASP.NET or ASP I meant for the end-product to be internet independant.

    Thanks for your link, I shall use there aswell.
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    Thanks tool2basics but could you provide me with information such as costs? PHP/MySQL? or Access application? Thanks. Could anyone posting please include this information.
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