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    Checking Site Performace

    Are there any tools I can use to test the performance of a site on a dedicated server.

    I'm moving a copy of a site from one dedicated box to another and want to test the site on both servers to see which give me btter performance.

    I know there are other factors such as my connection to the internet as well as traffic currently being process by one or both servers, but i just want a software that can give me a general idea of performance.

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    There are plenty of website benchmark apps out there - though I don't know of any offhand.
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    I use FireFox peronally Load up the site from both servers. See which one loads faster. If you can't tell a difference, neither can your users.
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    Please have a look on

    this will calculate page size, composition, and download time.

    I suggest having the original website hosted on the old server and add a new CNAME like www2 that points to the second server and you can compare results from both.

    Also I think you first need to check gzip or deflate (in Apache2)which is highly recommended (by me) to have it on your server.

    this will help alot in performance.
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