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    Want to buy PR7+ Links

    Looking to buy PR7 or higher text links.

    I am only interested in packages that include a minimum of 10 pages with PR7 rankings. (can be 10 pages on the same domain)

    Budget available depending on the specifics, PR and etc.
    Interested on any subject OTHER THAN gambling, adult or p2p.

    Please PM me with your asking price and URL.

    Thank you.
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    If it is from 10 separate sites 500$, if from same site 250$, include PR8 index page. Price is within your budget?

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    I'm advertising multiple domains, BUT I will purchase packages as if I were only advertising 1 per offer I get; so same site.

    PM me with the main URL and either a list of the PR7+ subpages or where to find them.


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