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    need help setting up my web server

    hi all thanks for the info on my last topic.

    i am new to web hosting but since i have my own network at home, i think that i would try doing it as pratice. i download and install Kf Web server software. i also register and baught a domain name now i need to know how i can go about setting it all up. does anyone have some step by step info for doing that. i would appreciate it.

    thanks all

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    10,574 :: that site has a ton of information.

    I really hope you don't intend to host people for $$ on your Internet connection, however.

    Most ISPs block port 80, anyhow.

    Good luck with your venture!


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    i was doing it for about a day just to see if i could as well.... comcast doesnt block port 80

    nice site by the way elix

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