BurstNET has recently completed an upgrade of our CTSI transport circuit between Scranton and Philadelphia to OC48 (2048mbps) capacity. This circuit was previously at OC12 (622mbps) capacity prior to the upgrade. CTSI provides a dual-path sonet ring based transport circuit to BurstNET, for the highest possible redundancy.

Network Details: http://www.burst.net/network.shtml

BurstNET™, an INC500™ company, is a Managed Hosting & Internet Service Provider hosting over 200,000 websites, maintained on over 1600 servers, for clients in over 150 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1991, and entered the Web Hosting market in 1996, making it one of the oldest and most respected providers in the industry, as well as one of the longest remaining privately held companies in the sector. Netcraft (http://www.netcraft.com) named BurstNET™ one of the "Fastest Growing Large Hosting Companies in 2003". The BurstNET™ Network Operations Center, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania is a telco-grade facility with diesel generator backup, temperature and environmental control, high security monitoring, and fully redundant UPS power backup systems. The data center is the largest co-location facility, and the only carrier-neutral hotel in the Northeast PA region. The company also provides regional T1/DS3/OC3 connectivity, and is currently rolling out High Speed Wireless Internet (WI-FI) in the local market. The BurstNET™ network is powered via Cisco™ 12000 and 7200 series routers connected to the Internet via a dual-path OC48 sonet-ring fiber-optic circuit, delivering 1000MBPS GIG-E connectivity from Level3™ (http://www.level3.net), BTN™ (http://www.btnaccess.com), Cogent™ (http://www.cogentco.com), for a total available capacity of over 3GBPS.