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    [For Sale] Nice, sleek vB Skin.

    Just finished this skin up today. Nice sleek white and blue theme to fit almost any genre of forum.

    What you get:

    .PSD File to all aspects of the design; Header/Forum Main/Buttons/Etc.
    All fonts used
    Full re-seller rights.

    Price: I'll take bids on this one starting at 1.00 with a buy it now of 175.00.

    Please PM me or reply here with any and all offers! Thanks!

    The design:

    This design is also for sale on another site, so I will be posting the bids between each here (and there). Thanks!

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    Very nice work
    Good luck, rock1127


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    Thanks Nat.

    I forgot the mention, the highest bid on the other site is 80.00, so I guess that means the bidding will start there. Sorry about that!

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    Nicely done, goodluck selling it mate.

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    Maybe check a little closer, similar, but not the same

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    That's an awesome skin, best of luck selling it.

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    Thanks, talkfreelance.

    Adding a second skin for sale, same price:


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    Both a really nice designs "rock1127".....good luck with the sale.
    Thank You

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    I will give you a starting bid on the first design...30 bucks to begin it

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    well, let's do $31 for the first one
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Thanks, guys!

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    So whats the high bids on both design I might be interested in bidding?
    Thank You

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    The high bid on the first skin is 85.00 via PM and the high bid on the second skin is 50.00

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    Auction for the first skin ends in about 23 hours. Get your bid in if you'd like this skin.

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    Bids stand as 100.00 even on skin 1 and 55.00 on skin 2.

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    30 minutes to go and igy is current high bidder on skin 1 with 125.00 and skin 2 with 60.00.

    30 minutes left on skin 1, this is your last chance to bid, otherwise igy gets it


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    Both skins have been sold, thanks guys!

    Auction Over

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