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    * Some of the ways you've seen people try and advertise their website

    For me, i've seen it all now...

    • Saying - "my site is ripped", with a URL to their web hosting website
    • Saying a site is down just to try and gain hits
    • Blatantly stupid signatures full of advertising junk

    These are just some of the ways I have seen some people try and gain hits to their website.

    Can you add to this list? - I know there are exceptions but I suppose i'm cynical.

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    Oddly enough, I was thinking about this earlier. But as of recently, I no longer pay attention to the crap.

    * I now avoid all "my site is ripped" threads after seeing several "rips" that arent even close (on other forums). I can see this being useful if it is a rip.
    * I avoid these also, unless if it is a major site (google, microsoft, etc) they say is down. Sometimes, I cant reach them also.
    * I disabled show signatures. After people started putting colorful ASCII characters and colored boxes and crap, I've had to disable them.

    I used to get people to register on my site and not activate their account and they'd plug their site (******, porn, whatever) all in their profile and never activate. I ended up disabling showing of unactivated profiles.

    Lets not forget the blatant...
    * "check out this cool site" threads with links to their site.

    * People who post interesting news stories, but have a link look like it goes to the site, but the actual url leads elsewhere. Example:

    Reports: Hurricane kills up to 32 in Caribbean

    I could go on with what I've seen here and elsewhere, but I feel my weekend can be spent doing other things

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    Year back or so members used to recieve PM asking them to post advertisements in a forum to spread their market.
    Then introducinng an old site as new and asking for reviews and comments is also has been tried, theres no dearth of innovative thinking to attract traffic. And just like Jerry I can spend more time of my weekend on other MORE things like sleeping. :Yawn: I am offf to sleep goodnight guys.
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    Lets not forget the blatant...
    * "check out this cool site" threads with links to their site.
    haha, on some forums I've seen people do a whois and moan about it - busted
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