Hello to all OS Commerce Guru's.

We are in the need to establish and OSCommerce Cart to sell roughly 20-30 Items.

We are looking for the best of the best that can make this cart look like no other to create the emotion to the buyer to hand over the credit card.

We want the cart not to look like an OSCommerce basic cart look but to look like it's own entity and tie it in with the existing color schemes and content of the main core site.

The proposing candidates must email me directly to [email protected]. Please put OSCommerce Bid in the Subject.

From there you will receive a reply back with an NDA that must be signed. Once signed you will receive a full disclosure for this project.

We can go to the corporate side and hire a company to do this but I know there are serious and talented people who would like to offer their services to this exciting project. We're budgeting this project between 2500 to 3500 to complete.

Please do not reply to this post for it will not be monitored but email me only.