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    Stupid cell phones

    Ok, i want to buy some ringtones/screensavers, for my cell phone, now i am with sprint, i go to the webpage, for example:
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    Vision Screen Savers
    1-888-211-4727 | Website
    Est. Size: 10KB
    Single Purchase
    Expires: 90 days
    License Terms

    Wtf is up with the 90 days? What if i want to keep it, im not going to pay for it again and again, anyone know where i can get some ringtones/screensavers for my cell phone:

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    If i'm not mistaken, it's available for 90 days to download, after, it expires.

    To be completely honest, this is what I do:

    1) use a program called audacity to "shorten" and edit mp3s that I want to use a ringtone.

    2)audacity only lets me save as wmv. So I use a wmv to mp3 converter.

    3) use to send the ringtone to my phone, download it, and that's it! also lets you send pictures I believe

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    I download free ringtones (you need to search ) and then send to my mobile phone (Sony ericsson k300i) using the usb-infrared cable.
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    yea it just means you have access to the file for 90 days incase you lose or destroy it or get a new phone, it does not mean it does 'Pop' and disapears from your phone after 90 days.....

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    I download free ringtones as well. Search for them, they are as good as paid ones, but beware of sudo sites, many of htese leave spyware entries (cookies) on your system, my friend's comp got bugged cos of that. Never use a software these sites offer unless you completly trust them.
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    Get a phone -> USB cable off of ebay, then get the software called BitPim, then hit up and find your phone in their forums, they will have complete tutorials on transfering over, ringtones, pics, your address book and more! I have my phone completely backed up on my computer AND I don't have to pay a stupid $0.25 to email the pictures out of the phone like Verizon said I had to, I just plug in and drag/drop!
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    Hmm i didnt understand it... so i have 90 days to download am i correct? Or else it wont let me download it any more?... Whoo lol i hate when i dont understand stuff like that lol...

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