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  1. #1 part two: Starring CSS with a supporting role by iFrames

    Some people might want to just scroll to the end, click the link, and tell me how much I rule. That's fine.


    11pm last night: make sketches on paper, post some mockups in this forum

    2pm: Checked for responses, decided to make it sort of like one of the mockups, search for free fonts, found a good one and made a header and navigation buttons.

    2:30pm: Put it all into a webpage, looked at it and decided it was good, went to Webmonkey to refresh my mind on iframes, added the iframe, looked apon it and it was good indeed. Aligned the navigational buttons in a pleasing manner, put them into a single image and put it below the iframe. Verily verily I say unto you, it was quite decent.

    3pm: Decided to make an image map for navigation, tied to the iframe. Didn't want to slice the image up or make individual mouseovers.
    3:04pm: Image maps are either cgi or javascript and therefor of the devil. Began search for a CSS imagemap.

    Background: Before today I had only used CSS to change attributes of scrollbars, links, and text size/color. Ok, so I used the align feature to put a oversized question mark halfway down the page of an article in a position where I couldn't have put it without CSS. That was an exception.

    3:10pm: Found

    6pm: Still reading and trying to figure out how to do it, reading other css pages, puzzling. New grounds to me.

    6:30pm: Mowed lawn for an hour.

    7:30: Copied and pasted the whole thing into my page source and let god sort it out by using me, his servant, to edit it into functionality.

    9:30: After making most of it work and making the double image necessary for mouseovers, set on manually adjusting the coordinates of the imagemap until they all worked.

    Around 11: It all worked. The manual aligning was a bi.. bit.. bit of tediousness.

    11:30: Installed javascript scrollbars for the iframe, telling myself that I can include a glorious hack to display normal scrollbars if javascript is disabled on the user's computer. Made my own scrollbar imagedoohickeys. Wasn't pleased with how it looked either above or below the imagemap, began scheming on how to put one arrow above the other next to the imagemap on the right.

    11:33 I began working out how to put the scrollbuttons INTO the image map.

    11:35 Sweet, sweet success.

    Then until now I spent diddling around and making the inner htm pages in case people click the navigation links, putting the css in a seperate stylesheet, and typing this up and then typing it AGAIN with timestamps after missing firefox's 'you are closing three tabbed windows, do you wish to continue'.

    I've pretty much lost respect for designers who make simple stuff like this except with more elements and better looking graphics and still charge hundreds. Hell, I could blunder through it in all my ignorance, and it only took me a few hours of actual work, would have been done in 70 minutes counting making prettyful graphics if I were doing it over again now.

    Here you go:
    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    lol long story. Not a big fan of the design. Just to simple fo rmy tastes I guess. I like the scroll bar tho. good work

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