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    Seeking Learning Oppurtunity


    I am not new on the forums but I just decided to finally register today. I am posting because I am looking for an entry level position as a system administrator. I have experience with a few distros of Linux and have taken most of my MCSE classes for windows 2003. None the less I have lots of things to learn and have a passion to learn. My ideal situation would be to work side by side with an experienced administrator doing lesser tasks and becoming more experienced and learn new things and improve on what I know. I currently do PC repair and do a wide range of different things from servers to networking at my current job. I have my A+ and I do tech support for our ISP branch of our company. My resume and references are available upon request. I am not looking so much for the money as I am the experience. While an additional income is nice the pay is not my concern. Please contact me to discuss further.

    AIM: axlxtxixmxa
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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    I also forgot to mention that i am working on preparing for my linux+ exam and i do have some experience administrating a personal linux server running samba, apache, pureftpd and vsftpd, and the like, i also have played around with zpanel and vhcs.

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