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    Very weird error adding new domains

    I have a server over at servermatrix running some sites as we speak. However, when I go to add one of my other domains that I own, and that are using the nameservers on my server, everything seems ok but I can't get to the domain! I registered these a few weeks ago through different registrars, and if I do a whois on the domain, I see my nameservers listed.

    One of the domains I added was if you want to take a look at it. Anybody ever had this issue?

    It's a Redhat server with apache and Cpanel.

    Please help!

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    As an update, I tried restarting named and it just won't restart! I'm restarting it through cpanel so I don't have an error message. Any help please!

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    I checked your website and it seems to be running just fine. I guess you figured it out on your own.
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    Cpanel bug with CentOS 3.5 with named.

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    Has the issue been fixed?

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    mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disable
    restart named

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    Apparently his named problem is solved, but looks like he has no index file, and has Indexes turned on

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