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    Anyone tell me a good registrar


    Iam currently looking to transfer a few domain from different registrars to a good registrar.
    Can anyone refer me a registrar who uses opensrs or enom & the prices are 6-7$.

    One more thing, if I create a directi account (reseller) do I need to depost a specific amount or I can deposit any amount anytime?
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    GoDaddy, no matter what is said. They are by far the best

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    Gee, it seems you and I don't agree. I will NEVER, EVER, use GoDaddy again. I used them for well over a year without a single problem but moved on for various reasons. Then last year I had to deal with them regarding a few stolen domains. They hindered the process and caused the domains to be stolen twice. "Idiots" as Napoleon would say.

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    and enom or opensrs reseller and between 6-7 bucks? You will not find many since this is around or higher than the resellers cost.
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