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    Hosting business in the UK

    Dear All,

    I have been tempted for a long time to start a web-hosting in the UK.

    I am aiming to host small business sites in a niche market probaby on co-located server.

    I worked out that I need to either buy or lease the server (which comes with the pros and cons such as on-site support etc.) and that I need to place it somewhere.

    I thought that all I need to do is contact the Telehouse in Docklands and they will rent me out a rack where I can put my server and off I go.

    (yep, I know, software needs to be installed, control panels and billion and one things which are all being catered for from another party)

    However it turns out that it is not so easy to rent space there - it is more or less already taken by the other players, who are the actual co-location providers.

    So it looks that I am left at their mercy and they can charge me whatever they want for colocation and bandwidth.

    (For instance wants to charge me 300 per months for 1 megabit bandwidth link)

    Then I turned my sight to leased lines, but the costs are even higher.

    I figure I am missing something here, so my question is do you have a draft layout of web-hosting business which specifically lists which options are best for hosting business aiming to host 10 websites with total of about 20GB hard disk space and about 2000GB traffic per months?

    That is bearing in mind that I want to retain as much control as possible and still not be overcharged by the likes of Pipex etc.?

    Any guidance will be appreciated and I thank you in advance for all your help.

    Moo Bear

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    Take a look at Coreix - we lease our servers from them and they are excellent to deal with:
    Fast2host Ltd. Affordable, Fast and Reliable UK Hosting.
    Shared, Multidomain and Reseller Windows & Linux Hosting.
    VPS and Dedicated UK Servers.
    Contact: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0)1480 260 000

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    Why did you specifically want Telehouse? There are several datacentres in that part of London, not least three Redbus buildings. We have kit in Redbus 2 (Meridian Gate).

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    Telehouse is not the only facility that you can colo your server in. There are a number of different sites, Global Switch, Redbus, Telecity.. to name a couple. If you are only looking for 1 servers worth of space (1u/2u) then the most 'affordable' route would be colo it with a provider who already has space there.

    A couple of providers that spring to mind.. - Offer space in Redbus Sov. - Offer space in Telehouse and Redbus Sov

    The figures that you provided, 10 websites and 2000GB of bandwidth a
    month, are these real or assumed?

    Craig Robinson - UKDedicated LTD
    Cloud Servers Dedicated Servers and Colocation at Centro, Hemel Hempstead.
    All supported by our own onsite team.

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    You could consider colocating just outside of England? Maybe Rep. Of Ireland? Germany? I think bandwidth is cheap in Germany and connections are quite fast..
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    Lease the server instead, you can colo later once you get going. Alternatively, you don't even need a dedicated server - get yourself a reseller package from a UK provider (there are loads) and go with that until you outgrow it.

    If you must colocate, poundhost is in Maidenhead so is much easier to get to than docklands. Alternatively, 49pence were offering special deals in WHT's advert forum.

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    Who would you reccomend in terms of UK hosts?

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    Thank you all for your replies!

    Dear All,

    Thank you for your help, opinions and guidance.

    I figured that what was bugging me was the lack of understanding of the bandwidth - or more precisely that all those companies mentioned do charge for the bandwidth on top of the colo charge.
    And that a simple calculation shows that 512Kb line means about 180MB per hour or 4GB traffic per day, hence 120GB per month - something that no hosting company charging even 20 per month can provide.

    I always imagined that the bandwidth has to be purchased through another reseller and couldn't find any clues as to where to look for them.

    Anyway, I think everything is now set in place (unless I got it wrong again).

    And that I am a bit too thin on the ground for Colo or Dedi and will have to go with a reseller plan.

    And to answer the last enquiry - well I am hardly in a position to give advices, but I found that sound very reasonable - thank you Steve_F2H for pointing them out to me.

    I haven't taken any steps in any direction yet - I am still trying to figure what does it take to become a hoster/reseller like coreix or catalyst2: It turned out there is a sponsor who might be interested in investing a reasonable amount of money to make this work.

    It's down to me to find a "blueprint" of this type of business or a generic business model drafted specifically for the UK market.

    Or write one myself by studying the information in the forums of this BB.


    Thank you all yet again.

    Have a nice weekend.

    And yes, you will certainly see more of me, as long as I have something to say :-)

    Moo Bear

  9. Hi Moo Bear,

    Coreix is a full provider, we operate an entire 12,000 square foot suite in Tycos Data Center in Stratford with 16gb of our own lit fibre to various other datacenters, to go to this level you would be looking at needing to pool at least 1million in investment.

    However if you are looking to operate your own hosting company there are several ways to do it by taking advantage of already setup datacenter suites (ie you can get these services at any DC, not just with coreix aka telehouse and redbus and several others that are reviewed her).

    Option 1 - Standard Colo
    DC's offer Colocation Racks with their own bandwidth or a Fast Ethernet drop to the provider of your choice. On a 'Tower Breadrack' you can get 20 servers, on a 48U standard rack you can get circa 40 1U servers, prices will often be around 600 a month with 10mb of provider bandwidth or 300 a month for power plus the fee for connection to your chosen provider.

    Option 2 - Open/Secure Cages
    DC's will offer you an area of the Suite caged off for your use, these usually start at about 1000 for 60sq foot including several power drops and a dual ethernet feed. Once again you can choose to take you own bandwidth or the providers.

    In terms of bandwidth the datacenter can help you choose, there are many choices and you need to balance the quality with the price. To give an indication on pricing you would be looking at paying about 60/mb on a 10mb commit and as low as 20/mbit on a 200mb commit. You can also mix up your bandwidth and mix 100mb of a good privder at 30/mbit with 100mb of a mediocre provider at 6/mbit thus gaining a quality network and only paying 18/mbit.

    I hope I explained it clearly enough

    Coreix Limited | your solutions - sales[at] - 08452 26 26 20
    Dedicated Servers - Colocation - Secure Cages - Enterprise Solutions.

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    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the info.

    Looks like the intended 20,000 will not suffice.

    Therefore I can go back to the (potential) investor and tell him the news.

    And go back to my reseller hosting plans for the niche markets I was looking at originally.


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