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    Shared host that allows image hosts?


    It seems everywhere I turn, each hosting company has some clause in their TOS banning image/free/forum hosts... Does anybody recommend a decent service that allows the redistribution of shared hosting?



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    Hi, John

    Have you did a search or pm any of the offers in this forum?
    What you can do is call a hosting company and ask them mabey they will charge a little more mabey they wont. Just give them call and ask,
    By the way what types of images?

    thank you

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    Most of the time this causes added load on there servers..
    you might be able to get away with something like that if you were to start looking for reseller packages and not shared hosting..

    good luck to ya

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    Load shouldn't be too much of a problem as hotimaging/direct linking will be disabled.. We also have set a max limit of 1 MB to reduce bandwidth issues...

    Also, I have been emailing hosts left and right, most respond with stating it's a violation of their policies...

    Types of images include, jpeg jpg gif bmp png...

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    So your site is basically going to be a gallery of sorts? Perhaps the hosts misunderstood your intentions. I know that I allow my clients to host galleries but not free image hosts that allow hotlinking. I believe that HostDime has a similar policy as I used to have a large gallery hosted with them.
    ~ Nick

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    Shared hosting is not meant for such types of accounts, you will either need a VPS solution or dedicated server. Such type of a site would cause the server to overload most likely.

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