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    Yahoo site indexing problem

    Hello All,

    I have treid searching the web and this forums.. no luck.. I did n ot find the answer. Sorry if it's answered already.

    I have a site with good amount of links in google and only 5 links in yahoo. I am working on some devt work, so configured another domain for testing.. it's been more then week days I did this.

    All of sudden I have started getting traffic from yahoo, I usually get 1 or 2 for the main site. I ahve checked in yahoo, seems to be most of the pages are indexed, I didn't load full data on to the test site and the terms are coming up in top 10.

    Waht can I do to retian the traffic from yahoo to the test domain and sending to main domain.

    Am I get penalized of the duplicate conent, if I load the test site with full data and change few things to relect the domain...?
    I would like to disallow only google bot but allow google adsense bot. With this my main site page rank can retial it's PR in google atleast.. that's where I get the traffic anyhow.

    I have tried listing in yahoo directory paying $300, it's listed but no improvement in the traffic and site index.

    Could some one please give me an answer, How I ca nhandle this situation.


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    I am kind of lost at this momemnt. Could some one please post comments.. Regards,

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