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    move to dedicated?

    Up to now I have been using different hosting solutions for my website and other services I need to run. We also would like to offer free hosting with every server ordered.

    Would these specs be able to handle these tasks:
    Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz
    512 Megabytes of RAM
    Western Digital 80 GB Hard Drive
    Single Fast Ethernet NIC
    1000 GB of Transfer
    Remote Reboot via Web
    8 IP Addresses
    10mb/s Switch Port

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    What tasks?... "Free hosting" ? Web hosting? Game server hosting? please be a bit more specific. I am the same have quite a few servers world wide.. not too many in the same DC usually, and I also have several small free hosting for some people.

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    The tasks:

    Hosting our website
    Hosting modernbill
    Hosting the master server of our CP
    Free hosting for clients (usually clients hardly use the hosting, or put up a simple html site)

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    Depending on the number of clients it should do the trick OK. if your only going to give them 100 meg quota to use or something similiar then your fine for hard drive space, otherwise you may need more (I like to personally keep about 20~30% free space so I can move stuff around if need be). I'd probably recommend 1GB ram, but if your just starting out you can upgrade right?

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