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    Post [Banner/Text ADs] $15 - $50 a month


    I would like to post the two AD spots I have open this month on

    468x60 Banner AD
    everypage, top by the logo
    $50 a month

    Text Link
    everypage, under logo
    $15 a month

    June Stats:

    I can give discounts for multiple month purchases, and I do accept PayPal. Please PM if you have questions.

    Thanks in advance to all those who are interested,
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    I am interested in a text link wide in the site and forum?

    How many chars can i have in the text?

    Where it will be the text? in the first line of the site? Also on the forum?

    Please pm me that info, and aslo the payment details, thank you.

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    PM with requested info sent.

    Generally I say 25 characters is the max, but, of course, more characters can be purchased for a little bit more (cheap).
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    Special Offer: Buy 2 months of the Text Link, and get one month free.
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    I still have a text AD spot open, and the 468x60 banner AD spot open. I'm gonna drop the 468x60 price to $40, or $70 for 2 months.
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