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    Job: Looking for someone to "perfect" an image


    I'm trying to create a banner 3 feet by 8, however at the shop, they tell me that the image I have is bad quality. I need somebody to make the jpg posted in this thread better quality, by perhaps redrawing it in Photoshop, or any other way.

    Please let me know (by posting here) if that could be done in general, and your price quote.

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    the link to your image is unavailable...

    i may be able to do this for you, depending on what the image looks like, feel free to contact me further.

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    i have just emailed you the image. please get back to me asap with your answer.


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    would you like me to contact you via the email address, or a private message?

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    You'd be best to make a vector image that can be resized without degrading quality. JPG is not the best quality for print, as its compressed. Especially if you have to enlarge it. But make sure you have all the specs you need from the printers for that media.

    I wasn't able to see the image you were posting.

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    IF you have the psd contact me

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