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    this a good place and good server?

    i was wondering if this was a good price and good system... this place is from dreamhost....

    # Dual Pentium IV Xeon Processors
    # Hyperthreading Technology
    # 2 GB RAM
    # 175 GB usable SATA storage
    # 400 GB SATA backup drive
    # 1120 GB bandwidth per month

    Yearly $399 $0
    i think this is a good deal but i want to make sure

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    At first glance, I thought it was too good to be true to pay $399 for an entire year -- that would've been too fishy. I then took a look at their website, and realized the truth. speX714, I hope you realize that the price is actually $399/month when you prepay yearly, meaning the prepaid anual fee will be $4788/year and divided by 12 will equal out to $399.00/month.

    That seems like a pretty decent discount from the regular price of $475/month and $475 setup option. Just wanted to point that out before other people misinterpret how you posted this information and begin flaming.

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    >< damn thx for pointing that out

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    Well, either way, if someone is offering a server for $399.00 for the entire year, you'd best avoid them as you'll most likely end up regretting your decision.

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    ok icic wats a goood place to go get a decated or even just normal host

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    Hello, speX714

    I have you done a search on the forum ?

    also in the offer sections they have some good deals

    good Luck!

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    odd amount of bandwidth, but good server (a bit pricy for the specs) but i suppose all that extra harddrive space is needed.

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    weird how the backup drive is over twice the capacity of the main drive, don't see this often. I would stay away from that host.
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    Most backups are twice the size of what they backup...

    Sometimes even 3 times bigger

    Edit: Forgot to say that you might wanna' read about CPU's too (above poster). All of your post is basically totally uninformative, thanks!
    It's Scott!

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