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    Thumbs up I will explain you how to start a successful web hosting business

    Hello dear WHT members,

    For the first time I want to offer my services as an IT consultant to help you start your web hosting business. I'm in the web hosting world for 2 years now. I had 2 web hosting business, I did a lot of mistakes and I spent a lot of money at the wrong place but this allow me to acquiere a lot of experience! I'm actually running a successful hosting business but I worked really hard to be there.

    With the experience I acquiered I could start a new business and be where I am now within 3 months instead of 2 years.

    Here is what I offer :

    2 hours of coaching on MSN where I will explain you how to start your business step by step. I will give you ideas and I will show you our personal statistics (visitors, refferal ect...) You will never get this stats from any hosts! beleive me. I will tell you the mistake I did so you will save thounsand of $ beleive me.

    I charge $60 for a 2 hours consultation and I swear you will never regret it! Honestly I want to charge more but I want to get some good feedbacks from you before. I don't want to coach more than 2 hosts at the same time, after the consultation I will keep a close eye on your business.

    You can contact me at this email if you are interested : [email protected]
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    How do you define sucessful? In other words, what do you consider to be a successful hosting business?

    Not everyone has the same expectations, so it would be good to put digits (numbers) on what successful means to you.

    Pierre Grandmaison
    Offering 24/7 Toll Free Telephone Support
    Zenutech Web Hosting

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    How do you define successful?
    Positive balance!

    More revenue than expense.

    A successful business is when you make profit while offering a good support to your clients.

    Yes I agree, but my client's feedbacks are more important that spelling.

    Anyway I will use a spell checker on my next Ad.


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    Have you any experience of working with free hosts or hosting for posting type forums?

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    Hello HostBidder,

    I had a free files hosting business a few months ago. We got 3000 members within 48 hours. The problem 80% of them was chinese so nobody wanted to advertise on it. When I'll start it again I'll put a redirection script to redirect users from China to another website.

    We offered free hosting to forum at the beginning but it didn't work for us. The reason, we are offering a lot of disk space and bandwidth and most forums don't need that much. So when they were ready to upgrade they prefered to pay $4 somewhere else instead of $7.95.

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