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    Make $$20+ and Increase Your Retention Rate in The Process

    If you are not in business to make money then you don't need to read this offer. If you do hosting for fun or to help out a few friends then you might want to save your time

    If you are a reseller hosts then thats another matter.
    With all our most recent announcements we left the best for last.

    Demostorm's Partner Package is just the last of a series of packages that is making the inclusion of customzed Flash Training Demos on all reseller accounts a reality

    Now you can join other reseller hosts in not only lowering your support issues for your resellers but in making money doing it

    The First Shocker?

    Demostorm's Partner Package pays out a MINIMUM of $20 for each customer

    The Second shocker?

    The price. As low as $49.95 (or $29.95 if you don't need the $20) for FOUR SETS of training. You may also elect to order directly and charge your customers anything you wish.

    The Third shocker?

    Whats included - CPANEL TRAINING, FTP, EMAIL and Fantastico Training (over 35 Flash training demos). See our store for the quality of our work -

    Is everyone accepted for the program?

    NO. Approval is contingent on being either a reseller hosts or a company need for multiple demos. To qualify as a reseller host you have to actually have reseller clients (not just a new site with an ad that you offer it - Hey we know our WHT )

    How is it paid out?

    There is no pay out until the third order. This is one of the safeguards put in to prevent purchases from hosts that are not truly reseller or multiple order hosts. After the third order cash on all orders is paid out and will be paid out on each order thereafter after orders are confirmed.

    Find out what other hosts are finding out - the time for the inclusion of Flash training demos on reseller accounts is not only near - Its here. We have been working tirelessly to make it happen. For other unlimited and bulk order options please visit our Hosting store at

    (Our Unlimited Demo Programs start at $699)

    or email us (and for all inquiries and applications ) at [email protected]
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