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    Dedicated Server and VPS

    Hi guys
    How can I be sure that what I got is a Windows dedicated and not a Windows VPS, I had never used a VPS so I dont know what is the differents and How can I Find Out what am I using?

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    Well one thing you can check to see if you have a dedicated server or VPS is by checking the System Properties. If you have a dedicated server then you will see more features such as Hard Drive Storage and Memory and if you have a VPS you will see less features.
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    Well, I can see every thing as far as I know
    HDD, CPU and others are ok

    Thanks for help

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    As far as I know, Virtuozzo is the only used windows virtulzation kernel. So, if you look in the C drive or My Computer (one of the two) you should see a file called "vzquota" that you arent allowed to modify or delete. If you see that, your on a vps

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    File Not found !!!
    I am on dedicated.

    You WHT people are lots of help


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