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    Looking for hosting account where I could notify clients if issue with server.

    Hi all,

    I've been hosting sites for years, but am pretty new doing it as a business. A few months back I got a managed server through Allmanaged (love those guys!).

    I realize that if there ever is a problem with the server (God forbid!), My clients have not way of getting a hold of me by email, just phone. I thought I would like to get a hosting account elsewhere where I could post news about any issues so people could check there before calling me. This way I could also get another domain with email so my clients could contact me by email still if there was an issue.

    All that to say, who do you guys recommend for a hosting account where all I need is room for a simple static page and an email account?

    You know, that would be something I would be willing to trade with another host who needed the same thing. Something like a 15mb account with 1 email....


    [email protected]

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    Just look around the shared offers board, and find one with uptime that suits you. I mean.. A 50 MB or even 25 would suit you fine since it's pure email (and static pages).

    Another idea you may want to think about would be an opt-in downtime notice. Just have a PHP script store email addresses and associate them with what server they're on (if multiple) and have it email out whenever you notice downtime. If it's small or planned downtime, just don't send anything. Otherwise, it's a good way to have them notice the site.

    Getting another domain for this is also smart, and just make sure they know about it.

    You could get a plan like this for low x's, easily.

    Good luck in your search!
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    I am also hosting my main site and support related site with another host in another server in case our server had problem and customer can't reached us via email or helpdesk.

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    You could always do a mailing list.

    Many hosting companies do have a seperate account for a support page. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    Keep an offsite copy of your clients email database and just notify your users when the site goes down...

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    It's an excellent idea, Mark, and always good to be using another Server / DC for backups of any kind. We've been doing this for a long time now and works great.

    If you cannot find a small enough or cheap enough Hosting account, let me know and we can setup complimentary accounts for each other. From our experience, 5 MB of Web space and 50 MB of Data transfer is quite sufficent for something like this. - for all your Hosting needs
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