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    Comments about SynergyBlue

    I will buy a managed dedicated server from
    1. What do you think about their services(managing)
    2. What do you think about their network backbone(GNAX)

    Do you prefer that company? Is there anybody that have experiences?

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    I currently have a server w/ SB after having been with another dedicated provider. Been w/ SB for going on three months now. They are topnotch from both management and network perspectives. They're extremely quick to address and fix issues and I've never had a problem w/ network downtime from the GNAX DC.

    FWIW, I highly recommend them.


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    hi, okanari

    I dont know about SynergyBlue but I do know about GNAX and they are awsome. we have multiple colo boxes with GNAX and have no problem whats so ever.

    good luck

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    Top-notch provider. Although I only have a shared hosting account with them, their response has been very prompt, and the Gnax backbone is very fast with zero downtime thus far. I imagine you'll get an even better service as a dedicated server client.

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