I have been working with PHP and SQL for somewhere around 5 years now. Mainly using these tools for my own personal benefit, I started taking contracts for solution development about two and a half years ago. At the time I was also involved with the content/layout but have since moved away from that field and specialized in content management systems as well as a multitude of other management software.

I stopped taking contracts as a result of a job I had acquired and turned development into a hobby for my own resources rather than a profession. I continued to use PHP for various things in my own personal life creating some fun projects such as a distributed music center for sharing entertainment with friends, a centralized shared contacts directory for myself and friends accessible via email, cellular, and HTTP, a template driven OOP style backend for my wife and her multitude of websites she was trying to create. One thing I really enjoyed was creating that template system, something that allowed the use of customized XML/XHTML/CSS overlaid on top of a transparent PHP/SQL driven site that gave her control of the content and the layout, but still had the portability and flexibility of implementing new scripts and classes into the template.

As it is now I am undergoing a change in careers currently. Where once I was called upon by friends and clients to administer, repair, upgrade, develop and counsel their websites, computers, and networks. I am now taking the very interesting plunge into real estate. During this transition, the times I am available to work at a part time job do not meet the requirements of several places I have been considering. So rather, I would be more than delighted to put my soft little gentle fingertips to use for someone utilizing my talent and ability.

Now, to the chase!

I have done pretty much any kind of site you can think of, unfortunately it seems many of the companies that I worked with have either moved on or gone under. In the past two years it seems my portfolio has grown a bit moth ridden. But in the past I have done sites for real estate agents, limousine services, defensive driving services, massive multiplayer online gaming portals, an online health food store, a multi-vitamin shopping cart, you name it and I have come close to doing it.

I am fluent with a variety of languages necessary to provide a truly dynamic content driven application, and not just a temporary solution. I do not like to deviate from standards and prefer to use strict XHTML/CSS for content, and MySQL for the database server. PHP obviously for the application development and little tidbits of other things (PERL/Java/CGI/Third party applications) to ensure functionality, fluidity and scalability.

I have two methods for evaluating contracts. One is on an hourly basis, and one is on a content basis.

Hourly - I charge $15.00 USD per hour, minimum of four hours for smaller projects. These might include editing existing applications, additions to existing applications or possibly adding a new feature to an existing site. You can determine if it would be in your best interest to consider hourly charges by asking yourself some simple questions.

Does my project alter the delivery of data to my viewer? Does my project involve the use of listing software such as a database driven 'cart' service? Does my project create a new center for my site, making it a pivotal portion of my design? And lastly, does my project require an overhaul of the existing layout and graphics?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to continue reading below to inquire about my quoted charges.

Quotes - Depending on the scalability of the project and the time required to complete the project based on required functions, classes and applications we will negotiate a viable contract price for the entire project. Things that you want to consider when requesting a quote. Does my project have any deadlines? Have there been any other developers involved with this project? Will there be any other developers working during the projects contract time?

The best way to inquire about the charges to incur on any given contract is to contact me and simply ask! Please feel free to contact me via any of the following methods below. I will update with more contact information if necessary.

If you are requesting a quote, please send an email with the word "Quote" as the first word in the subject, so that I will get the message forwarded to my cell and I can return to you as soon as possible.

Email: [email protected]
ICQ: 1716464

"We're always negotiating.."
- Al Pacino in The Devils Advocate