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    * 'That' 24Mbit company - not off to a good start..
    Be Unlimited only emerged into the broadband spotlight at the start of July 2005, and is in the final stages of getting ready to unleash the potential of an up to 24Mbps ADSL2+ service in the UK. Unfortunately the eagle eyed reader may have noticed a distinct similarity between Be's privacy policy, and that of Bulldog Broadband. Screenshots from the two websites made on the morning of the 6th July 2005
    start as you mean to go on? i guess that means, good speed, good prices, terrible customer service
    <erno> hm. I've lost a machine.. literally _lost_. it responds to ping, it works completely, I just can't figure out where in my apartment it is.

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    Oh dear - it's incredible how they thought they'd get away with doing that.
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    I would be ok with good speeds, good prices and terrible customer service. We all know that we know more about it anyways. I hate tech support.
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    For some reason now... norton internet security's parental control is blocking their site? LOL... how odd. (not the news site but the new company)
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    Lol well they've changed it .. and quick lol!
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