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    * Who is the best advertising place?

    Sorry I couldn't think of the best subject.
    I'm trying to find a good place where I can get ads, as in banners for my site. Google adsense kind of thing, but someone who pays better.

    Any questions... just ask.

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    Are you looking for advertising your site or are you looking for someone who pays you to put his banner on your site ?

    Someone who pays me

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    Then maybe it depends on how much clicks your website gets etc
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    To join's network your website must:

    * Receive over 250,000 impressions per month
    * English as the primary language

    In addition, your website must not promote, link directly to, or contain any of the following content:

    * Indecent or pornographic material
    * Software pirating or any site that violates third-party intellectual property rights
    * MP3 files/sites that do not have the legal right to distribute MP3 files
    * Hacking/phreaking or any other site invading the rights of computer users
    * Any illegal activity
    * Any subject matter inconsistent with's corporate policies as determined in its sole discretion
    * Free hosting websites
    * Sites that provide incentives of any kind for surfers to click onto advertisements

    Thanks truelies, but I can't join with them. They look good otherwise.

    I'm actually looking to advertise everything except my site's topic (webhosting) so I am not advertising my competitors.
    Also it would be really great if the company i decide to go with doesnt advertise Jamster. I really hate those guys.

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    Adbrite is decent too for text links

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    Regarding your search for banners to put on your site, maybe joining affiliate programs via can be a solution.

    PS. Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business (even though I'm not 100% sure it doesn't actually belong in the Lounge).

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    Google Adwords - 700,000 impressions per month only for $25
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    700k per month for $25. Is that what you earn from adsense? or you advertise through adwords and receive 700k impression but spend only 25?

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    I have only 4 text ads at adwords, max. $0.05 per click value, and I received 700k impressions for $25 last month

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    i won't tell you our #1 place, because we do not need any extra competition in their PPC but...

    #2 (spotlights)
    #3 everything

    other good places:

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    Originally posted by saytservice
    I have only 4 text ads at adwords, max. $0.05 per click value, and I received 700k impressions for $25 last month
    Impressions are impressions, but unique visitors only about 500

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    What is the use of impression if it dont convert into clicks?
    Even if you get 1 million impression, it wont do you any good

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    Not to mention, your AdWords results have little relevancy to this discussion of finding ads to place on a site for income.
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    Try to visit the optimization tips at google adword. There you caan find a lot of tips and tricks

    If you can convert it at least 1%, that would be thousands of visitors a month A good way to start

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