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    HostingZoom- Reseller Hosting

    I would like some people's opinions who are currently hosting with them or have used their service in the past.

    I'm thinking about starting a web hosting business with one of their resellers instead of jumping to a dedicated server right away.

    All help and opinions are greatly appreciated!

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    hi, Reeve

    By doing a search you can find all info and ppl that have delt with HostingZoom Have you chat with them and asked questions?
    There should be ppl here and old threads about them.

    Good luck !

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    Oh, of course. lol.

    Why didn't I think about searching first....

    Thanks, man!

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    Hi Reeve,

    I was almost a HZ client so can't tell you much about their server but during the enquiry up to the signing up process it was smooth sailing. Meaning their customer support/service was very good, in my opinion. Price is quite reasonable too.

    And as mentioned earlier, a search for hostingzoom should get you more reviews.

    Good luck.

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    I've been with hostingzoom for a month now, i can tell you that meanwhile i am very happy.

    1. When i contact sells before i've signed up - they were very fast and polite.

    2. After i've signed up, i've used thier support for the first few days(general setup and questions), again - they were very fast to answer and very helpful.

    3. Reliability - On this month i have 100% uptime, the server and connections are very fast.

    So i am happy with them, i have no expierence with resellerszoom(i have account for my own private sits), so i don't know how much this review help you besides the fact the company is reliable.

    I highly suggest them in matters of reliability and support.

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    Ive been with them for a few months now and their service is superb....

    No down time
    Excellent customer support

    Flawless service to date!

    Highly reccomend.....

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